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Meet Marie

I discovered my passion for photography at an early age.  My fondest memories were taking pictures of my family and my dogs.  We had a Poloroid camera and the instant gratification of seeing people smile and laugh was exhilarating.  When I became a mom I was obsessed with taking pictures of babies and their tiny hands and feet.  I began to photograph other mom's babies and kids at birthday parties.  I loved seeing the joy on the faces of the moms when I gave them the photos.  My friends encouraged me to start my own photography business and so I started on a new adventure in life.  

Capturing the perfect moment and sharing that moment with other people is such a joy.  My aspiration is to offer these moments to my clients so that they can cherish and have to reflect back on for many years to come. God has blessed me with two wonderful and amazing children - Kade Austin and Lauren Grace.  They are my inspiration and my love for them is beyond words.